What is the best time to buy a car?

Going car shopping at the right time can save you money, so bring your best negotiating...

Going car shopping at the right time can save you money, so bring your best negotiating skills and try these easy tips to increase your chances of getting a great deal on your next car.

Think about endings when car shopping

The best time to buy a car is generally at the end of a period:

  • Day's end: You'll need to have your grocery shopping done ahead of time if you want this approach to work. If you make your offer at the end of the day, the salesperson will probably be eager to go home and will be less likely to get caught up in a lengthy negotiation, giving you a better chance of getting the deal you want.

  • Month's or quarter's end: If your salesperson has an unmet sales quota, your offer is more likely to be accepted. Building a business relationship with your salesperson is the key here.

  • Model year end: This one is for new car buyers; it won't help if you are buying a used car. Late summer and early fall means car lots are trying to clear out inventory to make room for the incoming year's stock. Deep discounts are often offered to move last year's cars off the lot.

  • The exception to the "end" rule: Don't go car shopping on the weekend if you are hoping to negotiate a deal. Car lots are generally busiest on the weekend, which means salespeople are less likely to be flexible when haggling over price because they don't have as much time to spend with individual customers.

  • Extra car-buying tip: If you are buying a used car, no matter the time, find out if the car comes with a warranty or is sold "as is," and have your local Atlanta mechanic inspect the car carefully and hook it up to a diagnostic computer for testing. Do this ahead of time, before you are ready to sit down and negotiate a deal.

Remember to think about endings when looking for the best time to buy a car, and make sure you understand the warranty provided so you end up with a great deal on a quality vehicle.

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