What to Expect During Roof Construction

If you are building a new home, you are likely wondering what the roof construction process will be...

If you are building a new home, you are likely wondering what the roof construction process will be like. For many, the completion of the roof makes the new home seem like a reality. Fortunately, roofing companies have the process down to a science and can build a roof with amazing speed.

Step 1: Framing

Typically, roof frames are made from trusses that are pre-manufactured and delivered ready to install at the construction site. On a normal pitched roof, the trusses will look like a wooden triangle. Trusses are reinforced at the top point of the roof and attached to the side walls of the home with brackets to make a stable frame to support the roofing materials.

Step 2: Decking

Sheets of plywood or oriental strand board will be delivered to the construction site and hoisted to the roof. These large sheets are fastened to the trusses with nails or screws, beginning at the eave line, or bottommost part, of the roof. Layer by layer the decking is installed until it covers the entire frame of the roof.

Step 3: Tar Papering

Tar paper, or asphalt-saturated felt, is a protective layer that is placed between the roof boards and the roof shingles. While not used in all areas of the country, most roofing companies in the Atlanta area still use tar paper, or some similar type of waterproof membrane layer. To install, the roofer will cut the paper to the proper size and staple or nail it to the entire roof structure.

Step 4: Roof Covering Application

The last step of the roof construction process is the installation of the outer roof covering. The process for installing the roof covering will vary, depending on the type of covering you have chosen for your roof. For shingles, the roofers will begin layering the shingles at the eave line and work their way up to the peak of the roof. The last aspect of the roof construction is the placing of a cap shingle, which is shaped to cover the peak of the roof.

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