When is a baby fever of concern?

Looking into the eyes of a sick child can be one of the hardest things a parent has to...

Looking into the eyes of a sick child can be one of the hardest things a parent has to deal with. You don't want to take any risks with your baby's health, but you also don't want to run to the pediatrician or hospital for every little cough. When you are dealing with a baby fever, your first instinct might be to bring in professional help to keep your baby healthy and safe, and that's a perfectly normal response.

When to call the doctor

The American Academy of Pediatric's (AAP) Baby Center stresses the importance of your peace of mind in deciding when to take your baby to the doctor. The AAP offers two simple recommendations you can use as a guideline.

  • Babies under three months of age: If your baby's temperature reaches or climbs above 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit, it's time to visit the doctor for an examination for a baby fever.
  • Older babies: Decide when to visit the your localAtlanta doctor based on how your baby acts. If your baby has a fever, but acts well otherwise, the AAP recommends watching your infant for a day to see if other symptoms develop.

Home remedies to relieve baby fevers

While deciding whether to take your baby in for an exam, there are a few simple things you can do help keep him comfortable.

  • Make sure you provide plenty of fluids for your sick baby, to keep your baby hydrated. If possible, discuss this option with your physician when your baby goes in for a wellness exam, before getting sick, so you can have the recommended fluid replacer on hand before you need it.
  • Layer up your baby in warm clothing and blankets. Use breathable, natural fiber clothing and blankets, and add or remove layers as needed.
  • Watch how your baby reacts to the added layers. You should be able to tell if more or less layers are needed based on your baby's reaction, or fussiness, and by signs such as a red face or sweating.
  • Make a cool compress to place gently against your baby's forehead for quick cooling relief. Just wet a cloth with cool water, making sure it is not too cold.
  • Soothe your baby while cooling the fever. If your baby is fussy, put a few drops of soothing lavender baby wash on the cloth to help your baby relax.

If you are still in doubt about what to do to help your baby with a fever, then it's time to bring in professional help by visiting your baby's pediatrician.

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