When to use acrylic paint

If you're not a natural-born painter, the rows of color at the craft and hardware stores can be a total...

If you're not a natural-born painter, the rows of color at the craft and hardware stores can be a total mystery. With different formulas and types, how do you know which is the one for your project? Acrylic paint works for a spectrum of applications, but it doesn't work for everything. Make sure you know when to use acrylics and when you'll need to use a different formula for all of your home projects.

Wood crafts. If you're dying to paint a picture frame, give the vintage treatment to a plaque or let your kids go to town with some wood figurines, acrylic paint is definitely your best bet. Acrylic adheres well to wood and gives bright, long-lasting colors. Although, if you do plan on using your wood object on a regular basis, you'll need a coat of sealer overtop to protect the paint, especially in the humid Atlanta climate.

Glass. Sprucing up a mirror with a cute quote? Looking to stencil a design on a window or tile? Reach for acrylic paint to get the job done. It's thick enough to give good coverage and it'll stick around. While you might need glass sealant to keep the paint from peeling off, it's welcome news if you already have acrylics around your house; you don't need to go purchase special paints to do glass or tile work in your home.

Paper. Paper crafts are a natural match for acrylic. After all, that's the medium of choice for artists around the world. One of the best parts about using acrylics to paint a sign, create a mural or allow your kids time to get their Picasso on is that acrylic is typically easier to get out of clothes than oil-based paints.

Plaster. Whether you're painting a vase or adding detail to a wall, acrylic paints take to plaster very well. Just keep in mind that acrylics work much better on a small-scale. If you're painting an entire wall, latex or oil-based paints will give better coverage.

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