Where can I get paint swatches for free?

Are you planning to remodel? Start by picking paint. The best way to get ideas for a new color scheme...

Are you planning to remodel? Start by picking paint. The best way to get ideas for a new color scheme is by picking up paint swatches and samples. Not sure where to get them? Here are three places you can stock up on painting ideas for free!

Your local superstore
Head to your local home improvement store. These retailers have aisles of paint from several manufacturers to peruse. Next to the displays are paper swatches of paint colors. These are free for the taking, so grab a few. Remember to collect colors for accent walls and trim, as well.

If you find a color you're in love with, ask for a small sample container of paint. These pint-size samples only cost a few dollars and are perfect for painting a small section of wall to make sure you're still happy with the color.

Specialty retailers
If you're looking for a specific type of painlike chalkboard paint to create a custom menu or recipe wall in your kitchenhead to a specialty paint shop. Although they offer fewer brands, they can order uncommon colors and styles of paint.

Ask for paint swatches of everything you're interested in, then take them home and tape them to the kitchen walls. Look at the samples in various types of light: natural daylight, evening artificial lighting, and daytime with the lights on.

Local painters
If you can't find any paint to meet your remodeling needs, call a painter in the Atlanta-area to give your kitchen a custom makeover. Painters can suggest color combinations, provide paint swatches, and color sample books for you to borrow.

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