Why do I need soil testing on my lawn or garden?

A yard isn't simply a yard. People living in rural Georgia have a different soil quality than Atlanta...

A yard isn't simply a yard. People living in rural Georgia have a different soil quality than Atlanta suburbanites. If you plan to dig a garden or grow a lush green lawn, consider having soil testing done as part of your prep work. Here's why!

Growing a healthy lawn

A soil test analyzes the chemical makeup of your soil. Once you know what your yard is lacking, you can add it to your lawn maintenance schedule. All-purpose fertilizers are helpful, but treatments customized to your soil's needs will give you the best results. In the long run you'll also save money by only applying what your yard actually needs to thrive.

Starting a garden

If you plan to grow your own produce or nurture a flower garden, a soil test can make your plants flourish. After completing the soil test and learning what nutrients your gardens are lacking, you can then think about boosting your soil content to maximize your gardening results. For example, if you hope to grow roses, talk with your landscape company about adding chemicals to make the soil slightly acidic and incorporating sand for proper drainage around the roots of the roses.

Testing frequency

Have soil testing completed once every two to three years. However, if you're starting a new gardening project, have poor results in your current garden plot or are growing crops on a commercial basis, have the soil tested and treated before each planting season.

Ready to get your landscaping project underway? Call an Atlanta landscaping company to do a soil test on your yard before you begin.

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