Window cleaning tips: How often should you have your windows professionally cleaned?

Have you noticed that your windows no longer have that crisp, clear appearance that they used to? Even...

Have you noticed that your windows no longer have that crisp, clear appearance that they used to? Even if you try to clean your own windows using cleaner, you may not be able to get off all the residue and grime. Cleaning second story windows from the inside is ineffective, and cleaning them the right way can be really dangerous and precarious. Go the safe route: Hire a professional window cleaner in the Atlanta area to make your windows look spectacular.

How often?

Depending on your location, professionals often recommend having your windows cleaned at least two times every year. If you live in an urban area that produces a lot of dust, exhaust and debris, you might want to have them cleaned more frequently. Consider the time of year as well. Springtime can coat your windows in a layer of pollen that you might want to have washed off, so it can be an ideal time for window cleaning. However, you do not want to douse your windows in liquid during the frigid months of winter. Talk to your Atlanta-area window cleaning professional about how often you should have your windows cleaned in your area.

DIY vs a pro window cleaner

So what makes the biggest difference in doing it yourself versus hiring a professional window cleaner?

  • Cheaper in the long run: Many people mistakenly think that it will be cheaper to do a project like cleaning windows themselves, but in actuality it can cost a lot more. This is because a professional window cleaner has a lot of experience and the right equipment for the job. When you clean by yourself, you can only do one window at a time, but when you hire window cleaners an entire crew will work together. The result: cleaner windows finished in a fraction of the time. Plus, it can be easy to underestimate how many supplies you will actually need for all of your windows. Save money by hiring a pro.
  • Specialized equipment: Professional window cleaners will use industrial grade cleaning equipment, which is not typically available for purchase in stores. Specialized pressure washers, solvents, solutions and tools effectively clean your windows in a way that is hard to replicate when you use supplies purchased in a hardware store. If you do try to buy the industrial grade equipment yourself, it will cost a fortune.
  • The safety factor: Obviously, if you do not have experience climbing ladders or cleaning the exterior of houses, then you could end up getting hurt if you try to wash your windows by yourself. Professional window cleaners know how to use ladders and scaffolds in a way that they know will keep them safe while they clean your windows.

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