Wood, concrete and carpet installation lead 2013 flooring trends

Wood, wood and more wood! This year's trends in home flooring have a major focus on it....

Wood, wood and more wood! This year's trends in home flooring have a major focus on it. There are also some exciting developments across other areas of flooring, with vivid colors and interesting textures finding their way into wall-to-wall carpeting, accent area rugs and even patterned concrete. When it's time to decide what floor covering you should get, use these five tips to keep your house modern and trendy.

1. Brighten up

Color is all the rage, and this year they're bigger, bolder and brighter than ever. Hardwood floors don't need to be simple brown stains and lacquers, you can combine wood with the mood-lifting properties of color to really make your home stand out. Choose white-washed hardwood, parquet painted in multiple colors or accent rugs with swirls of deeper shades.

2. Look for textures

It's not just about seeing, it's about feeling. Patterned carpet installation, textured tiles and rubber embossed tiles all provide options for giving you something to dig your toes into. Current carpet trends also include soft-handed fibers and sensual cut-and-loop carpets with variations in the length of loops that reflect light and make the patterns appear more pronounced.

3. Go green

Environmental living is reflected in the flooring choices homeowners are making in 2013. Choose sustainable materials such as cork or bamboo for your floor. Another exciting trend is hardwood wine barrel flooring. It's a great way to recycle used products and save the trees, and gives your home a unique style.

4. Variable vinyl

Vinyl still wins in the durability stakes, and it's more interesting than dowdy old linoleum. Great vinyl options for 2013 include a high-end look that mimics hardwood, ceramic or stone. Vinyl is great for creating patterned floors using tiles of mixed sizes and shapes.

5. Get crazy for concrete

Creative concrete flooring patterns are a new craze in 2013, and offer a new lease on life to an otherwise dull but functional floor. Rubber imprinting tools are used to "stamp" patterns into wet concrete. Add a base color and different colored accents for a look that's truly unique.

Flooring doesn't have to be boring. Consult an Atlanta-area professional flooring contractor for advice on carpet installation, hardwood flooring or any of the other exciting trends for 2013.

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