Your brakes aren't squealing but there still may be a problem

Do you need help understanding how your brakes work? Below are a few common but often overlooked steps...

Do you need help understanding how your brakes work? Below are a few common but often overlooked steps to help you diagnose whether you have a brake problem or not.

Drum to disc brake systems

Beginning in the '70s, most major car manufacturer's switched from drum to disc brake systems. Both used the same basic principle to stop your car, it's just that the design of disc brakes allows for a far superior application of that principle.

The drum brake components are housed inside a drum; this design contributes to heat build up. Disc brakes, on the other hand, are exposed to open air. And instead of relying on a set of shoes that fail when too much heat is in the system, most disc brake systems rely on ceramic pads that work whether hot or not.

Pedal depresses too easily/goes to the floor

If you step on the brake pedal in your car and feel as if you're getting little to no resistance, this might mean there's a problem with you master cylinder. The master cylinder is actually a reservoir that holds your brake fluid. Usually the fix is as simple as adding fluid to your master cylinder. But sometimes you'll actually have to have the cylinder or your brake lines repaired/replaced.


When you slow down, you may feel your car's front end begin to vibrate. This normally means that your brake pads are having a hard time gripping your rotor. Replacing worn out pads can solve the problem. Having your rotor resurfaced may also help.


When you try to come to a stop and your car veers to one side, this can indicate a number of problems. One of the more common problems is that your brake fluid is being delivered in improper proportions, causing your calipers to depress irregularly.

Have your Atlanta-area mechanic take a look at your vehicle for a more personalized and detailed diagnosis.

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