Getting started in golf

Things to do before you tee off.
Adults and kids all over the world are teeing off every day. Golf is more than just a sport. It encourages patience, intuition and technical skill.

It may not sound that difficult to pull out a club, step up to the little white ball and smack it down the fairway. However, ask anyone who's ever played a round and they'll tell you the sport requires a breadth of skills and a lifetime of learning. After all, even the pros have coaches.

Before you call to make a tee time, it's a good idea to schedule a lesson or two to understand the basics. There are several different facilities, which you can find by browsing these profiles on

  • What are lessons like?

  • Many golf instruction facilities offer individual lessons as well as mini "schools" and clinics for more thorough skill development.

    The benefit of the individual lesson is, of course, the personal attention. Each lesson can be tailored to your specific game and often will involve computer equipment to record and analyze your swing, allowing you to visualize the specific areas you need to work on.

    Group lessons or mini-schools are more affordable and group golfers together according to skill level. Typically, these programs provide comprehensive instruction for all parts of the game, from your grip to your drive to your putter.

  • Lessons can be pricey

  • Golf lessons don't come cheap. An hour-long lesson with a qualified professional generally averages around $100, and the mini-schools can run into the thousands. While they may appear expensive at first glance, it's important to remember that golf is a game you can enjoy for life.

    You can be your own teacher. Perhaps the best thing to do if you're at all curious is to first visit a driving range. They're inexpensive, fun, and will give you a feel for whether or not golf is a game you'd like to pursue.

    Most driving ranges provide rental clubs so you won't need to shell out a ton of money the first time you visit a range. It's a good idea to purchase a golf glove to prevent blisters. Even after just one lesson, you'll likely have the skills to go out for a round and put into practice what you've been taught.

  • Purchasing equipment

  • Should you find that golf is indeed for you, ask your instructor to help recommend a set of clubs. Used golf equipment is a huge market and quite often you can find a next-to-new set for a heavily discounted price. Expect to spend close to $500 for a decent set of clubs including irons, woods, and a putter.

    For many folks, the golf bug need only bite once. It's a wonderful game that you can enjoy with business acquaintances, family and friends alike.


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