How Much Does It Cost To Remove a Tree?

Find out what to expect from a tree removal service, including low-end and high-end costs.

There are a number of reasons why you might need to have a tree removed including age, damage from a storm or insects/disease, roots growing into your plumbing, etc. However, there are a number of factors that can affect how much a tree removal will cost you.

Typical Cost to Have a Tree Removed:

This starts at around $100 but can run more than $1,000 depending on the height of the tree.

Low-End Cost Estimate for Tree Removal: The average charge to remove a tree ranging from 25 to 30 feet high starts around $100 but can run up to $400.

High-End Cost Estimate for Tree Removal: A tree 30-75 feet high will tend to run from $400-$1,000, while a tree 100 feet or more will likely cost more than $1,000 to remove.

What to Expect:

  • A tree service will come out and inspect the tree and quote a price to remove it.
  • If you have the tools and know-how, you might ask that the larger pieces of wood be left for you to cut into firewood.
  • If your tree is near any overhead utility lines, it is recommended that you contact the utility company to inspect the tree before any work is done.

Any Hidden Costs?

  • Obstructions can raise the price from 25% to 50%, including utility lines, buildings, and roads that pass under or near the tree.
  • If the tree could potentially collapse under additional pressure, this may raise the price due to the extra precautions needed to remove the tree safely. It is highly recommended that you keep an eye on any trees on your property - fallen branches, rot, or other issues could indicate the tree may need to be removed, which should be done sooner rather than later.
  • Once the main body of the tree has been removed, you can choose to have the stump removed as well for an additional charge. This involves pulverizing the stump into sawdust and reducing it down to the ground. A typical stump grinding can run from $100-$500. Removal of the roots in addition to the stump is generally not included, but if there are any exposed roots, they can possibly be removed during the stump grinding process.
  • Depending on the company, cleanup and haul-away service may be included in the estimate. However, some companies may charge up to $65-$150 per hour to chip the branches as well as a hauling charge of $50 if that is not included in your original estimate.

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