How Much Does It Cost to Add an Electrical Outlet?

Get educated on the typical costs of adding electrical outlets.

Need more places to plug in? Need to bring your electrical circuits up to code? Whether you're adding an electrical outlet to an existing finished space, upgrading an outlet for a more robust use, or adding outlets to unfinished space, there are a variety of costs you should take into consideration.

Typical Costs of Adding an Electrical Outlet

  • Standard 120-volt outlets: It will cost approximately $100 to install a 120-volt outlet off of a nearby circuit. Installing a new 120-volt circuit on an electrical panel will run you about $185.
  • GFCI outlets: About $120 (Areas that are more prone to moisture buildup like bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms need ground fault circuit interrupter, or GFCI, outlets).
  • Heavy-duty 220 or 240-volt outlets: $300 or more for an outlet running off of a nearby outlet; $600 or more to upgrade the existing panel, which includes adding a 220 to 240 volt circuit, running the conduit, and installing a new receptacle.

Low-End Estimate for Adding an Electrical Outlet

Adding a standard 120-volt outlet to an existing circuit starts at approximately $100 when installed by a professional electrician

High-End Estimate for Adding an Electrical Outlet

To add a 240-volt outlet to accommodate major household appliances, a professional installation can cost $600 or more.

What to Expect from Electrical Outlet Installation

  • Materials: Outlet, electrical wire, outlet cover, electrician's screwdrivers, wire nuts, outlet box
  • Timing: A licensed electrician typically needs only an hour or two to install a new electrical outlet. If additional space is needed in the circuit main or if a sub-panel needs to be added, that can add substantial time.
  • Mess: Not much, really. There's typically only some plastic, paper, wire, and packaging for the new outlet that's easily picked up by hand.

Any Extra Costs When Installing Electrical Outlets?

Tamper-resistant outlets: For additional child safety, many outlets offer built-in, tamper-resistant features, which usually cost about $5 more than a non-tamper-resistant outlet.

Three-way switches: It will cost about $60 to $70 to add a set of three-way switches, which includes wiring, two switches, and an outlet box.

Designer switch plates: If you want to add a stylish look to your new outlet, you can expect to pay $5 - $20 or more for a specialty switch plate.

Sub-panel addition: If your existing circuit panel can't accommodate the new electrical outlet, you may need to have a master electrician install a sub-panel to add space, which can cost $1,500-$2,500.

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