How Much Does Tile Floor Cost?

Learn about the costs and options for installing a tile floor.

Tile flooring is available in an endless assortment of colors, materials, sizes, and styles. Tile ranges from basic stock options to intricate custom designs. Common varieties of flooring tiles include ceramic, quarry, porcelain, art tiles, exotic tiles, terracotta, vinyl, and mosaic tiles. It's versitile, gorgeous and long lasting. Here's what it will cost you. 

Typical tile floor costs (not including installation)

Ceramic tiles: You can expect to pay about $1 to $3 for inexpensive 12" square tiles. Higher-end ceramic tiles will cost you $12 to $15+ per 12" square tile.

Porcelain tiles: Porcelain tiles typically cost from $2 to $10+ per square foot.

Terracotta tiles: Terracotta tile costs range from approximately $1 to $5 per square foot.

Natural stone tiles: Natural stone tiles typically cost in the range of $2 to $10+ per square foot.

Vinyl tiles: The cost for vinyl tiles typically ranges from $1 to $5 per square foot.

Specialty tiles: Specialty tiles, including mosaic tile, art tiles, and tiles made from non-traditional materials can cost from approximately $5 to more than $30+ per square foot.


Installation costs: Installation charges for tile flooring typically range from $4.50 to $7.50 per square foot, but irregular cuts and custom detailing can increase the price to $15+ per square foot.

Low-end estimate for a tile floor (DIY instsall): For terracotta tile flooring for a 10'x10' room with do-it-yourself installation: About $100-$500.

High-end sstimate for a tile floor (professional install): For specialty tile flooring for a 10'x10' room with professional installation: About $800-$4,500.

What to expect

Materials: To remove old flooring, you'll need a hammer gun and industrial strength trash bags, along with a vacuum for cleanup. The tile flooring installation process will require materials including the tile, thinset, a bucket, a grout sponge, sealant, grout, and a wet saw.

Timing: It typically takes about two days to install a tile floor; that includes drying time.

Mess: As noted above, old tiles will require disposal and should be placed in industrial-strength trash bags. Be careful to avoid drips or spills when using the liquid materials involved with tiling a floor. It's a messy project.  

More tips on tile flooring

  • Some floor tiles come in a self-adhesive form, which can make the process a lot easier and can decrease the overall time needed for installation. These tiles are typically referred to as "peel-and-stick" tiles. If you're considering a DIY project, peel and stick tiles are much easier to handle. 
  • When researching options for tile flooring, it's important to consider the amount of wear-and-tear that the area will undergo. Some types of tile, including stone and mosaic, require regular maintenance and specialized cleaning. Other types of tile, like vinyl and porcelain, are much more durable and require less maintenance.
  • Keep in mind that many contractors will charge a minimum fee to make a small job (like a half bath) worth their time and effort.

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