How Much Does a Local Move Cost?

Learn about costs associated with moving locally.

Local moves cover a distance of 100 miles or less. There are several factors involved in pricing for local movers, including number of rooms to be moved, type of items transported and distance traveled.

Typical Local Move Costs

  • Mover costs: The average cost per mover for a moving company is $25 per hour, plus the truck and materials. Two movers will cost approximately $100 to $120; three movers will cost about $130 to $145; and four movers will run you $160-$175.
  • Packing and unpacking services: The cost for packing and unpacking services is typically separate from local move fees and ranges from $25 to $35 per hour.
  • Many companies offer an "all inclusive" hourly rate ($100-$120) that includes taxes, milage, and 2-3 guys to pack and move. 
  • Many companies offer a flat price for packing boxes and materials, usually it runs around $200. 
  • Insurance: Insurance to cover furniture and other items transported during a local move typically costs $.30 per pound.

Low-End Estimate for Local Move

For a standard studio apartment with three movers required: About $260-$580 and 2-4 hours total move time.

High-End Estimate for Local Move

For a 5,000 square foot or larger home with 3-6 movers required: About $1,800-$2,750 and 8-12 hours total move time.

What To Expect

  • Materials: The materials needed for a local move include bubble tape, boxes, drop cloths, packing tape, labels, a dolly or rolling cart, and, if necessary, tools to help disassemble furniture and other items.
  • Timing: The duration of a local move depends upon the number and type of items to be transported, number of movers, and distance traveled.
  • Mess: There is typically minimal mess involved in the moving process, however, cleanup may be required once items are removed from an apartment or home. Ask the moving men or women to remove boxes as they unload and you unpack. 
  • The moving industry has a reputation for being shady and upcharging after your items are delivered. Read reviews, and find recommended movers on Kudzu. For more information on what to ask read "Moving Tips That Will Make Your Life Easier." 

Any Extras?

  • Plasma and big screen televisions require extreme care when being moved. Custom boxes for these specialty TVs are typically sold or rented by moving companies. Some moving companies add a surcharge for transporting plasma and big screen televisions.
  • The standard tip rate for movers is 7%-15% of the total move cost. Tip each of the movers seperately. 
  • Many moving rates for weekends and summer months (the peak moving period) are up to 20% higher than rates for other time periods.

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