How Much Should I Expect To Pay For a Sump Pump?

Is basement flooding leaving you all wet? Find out how much a sump pump costs with our handy guide.

A sump pump is a drainage-tile system that is placed under the floor of your basement that channels water into a pit. Some houses (depending on location, climate conditions, and building structure) have an unavoidable problem with flooding due to natural weather and environmental conditions.

A sump pump helps channel that water to a designated area other than your home. Sometimes water in your basement is a result of other issues that need to be addressed-for example, your gutters might be clogged or the downspouts are allowing pools of water to build up too close to the home. If you've checked all drainage installed around your home and you still have basement flooding, it's time to consider a sump pump.

If you choose to, they're available in various flow rates, under manual or automatic operation. Some floor suckers are electronically controlled.

Additional Costs for Sump Pump Installation (Professional Services)

Typical Installation

Low-End Estimate: $2,000

High-End Estimate: $6,000

This cost references the overall cost for the sump pump, basin, and drainage installation.

Systems with multiple sump pumps can cost significantly more.

Sump Pump and Basin Installation Only

Low-End Estimate: $250

High-End Estimate: $600

Installing a Backup Emergency Pump

Low-End Estimate: $150

High-End Estimate: $300

A backup pump operates during a power outage or if the primary sump pump fails.

 Installing Baseboard-Style Drains

Low-End Estimate: $2,000

High-End Estimate: $2,600

What to Expect from Sump Pump Professional Installers

  • The professional installer will determine if any pipes or other obstructions are underground where the sump pump and pit should be installed.
  • The professional installer will use a jackhammer to break through the concrete floor wall.
  • The sump basin goes into the hole.
  • The sump pump is installed, including all related drainage pipes and electrical connections.
  • Find a recommended waterproofing pro here.

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