How do I hire a quality pool contractor?

A pool can be a great investment that will provide you family years of enjoyment. Avoid that sinking feeling you get when a project goes wrong. See these tips on finding a quality pool builder.
A pool can be a great investment that provides many years of enjoyment for you and your family. To help you get started on the right track, here are some helpful tips for choosing the right contractor to install your new pool.
  • Make sure the site you plan to have your pool installed in does not have any underground utilities in the way, such as water pipes or electrical wires.
  • Decide on the design you would like for your pool, such as a natural style pool or a standard concrete pool.
  • Contact several pool contractors in your area. Find them on Kudzu.
  • Have each contractor come out to your home to inspect the site for the new pool and provide an estimate in writing. The estimate should include the type and style of pool desired, the approximate time to complete and any other expenses such as labor, soil/tree removal and equipment. Be sure that the contractor has experience with the type of pool you wish to have installed.
  • Ask for references from each contractor. Contact their references and ask if they are satisfied with the work performed, the price and the time it took to complete the pool.
  • Check to make sure that each contractor is fully licensed and insured, for your protection in the event of an accident or damage caused on the job.
  • Ask about a warranty or guarantee. A reliable contractor should be willing to provide one. Make sure you understand the terms of the warranty or guarantee.
  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and find out if there are any complaints filed about the contractors you are considering.
  • As you make your final decision about which contractor to use, consider the price quoted, their experience, the response received from references, the level of communication you received from the contractor and your own intuition.
  • When you hire the contractor, be sure to get a contract in writing that clearly states the type of pool to be installed, the estimated time to complete, and any additional charges such as soil/tree removal or equipment fees.

Points To Remember
  • Pools can be designed in a wide range of shapes and styles. If you're considering an elaborate design, you may want to take time to locate a contractor in your area who has proven experience with unique pool designs.
  • Pool construction can take from 3 to 6 weeks, barring delays due to weather or other factors.
  • Spring is typically a peak period for new pool installations. If you are considering having a pool installed, you may want to start contacting contractors several months early in order to be sure your pool installation will be scheduled for the time desired.
  • An excavator will be required in order to dig the hole for your pool. You will need to determine how the installer can get the excavator into your yard without damage to your yard or landscaping.

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