How Do I Stay Organized During a Remodel?

How Do I Stay Organized During a Remodel?

Set aside one corner in a room unaffected by the turbulence of the remodeling process to store all of your files.

While you have already created your dream book for design ideas, that is only one aspect of the project you need to keep organized. You will be receiving various documents and pieces of information during the project. It is crucial that you keep all these documents together in a comprehensive project file.

Here are a list of items to keep in one place during your remodel:

  • Construction specifications
  • Your contract
  • Construction schedule
  • Pre-construction agreement
  • Change orders
  • Cost estimates
  • Your budget
  • Lien releases
  • Construction documents, drawings and plans
  • A reduced copy of your plans to take with you when shopping for materials, products or appliances
  • Correspondence between you and your contractor
  • Other correspondence or agreements with third party participants
  • Construction journal -- a log detailing how the project is progressing
  • Your idea book
  • Paint chips, manufacturer samples, etc.
  • A list of questions to ask your contractor
  • Notes and reminders to yourself

Source: National Association for the Remodeling Industry (NARI)

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