How much could I pay for carpet cleaning?

Tired of those dirty carpets? Leave it to the professionals. Learn how much carpet cleaning services cost with our helpful guide.

The carpeting in your home is a huge investment, and it pays off to protect it with regular professional cleanings. Industry experts recommend that you clean your carpets once every 12-18 months. Although most homeowners typically clean their carpets only once every 7 years, you can stay ahead of the curve by scheduling regular professional cleanings and knowing the costs associated with them.

What does carpet cleaning cost? Here's a typical breakdown... 

  • Low-End Estimate: $0.07 per square foot (for homes with more square footage of carpet to clean)

  • High-End Estimate: $0.30 per square foot (for homes with less square footage of carpet to clean)

  • Typical costs (without any add-on services) will average about $100 - $500 per carpet cleaning.

  • If you have more carpet than a typical home, you are likely to get a discount from the carpet cleaning service, since your home is a larger job.

  • In order for carpet cleaning companies to make a profit on homes with less than 1,000 square feet of carpet, they raise the price per square foot.

  • Some companies will charge by the room (usually $15 - $40 per /room) or will give you one flat rate for a certain number of rooms in the house (including hallways and stairs). Ask the company if they are running any specials for entire-house carpet cleanings.

Additional costs for carpet cleaning services... 

  • Removing Spots and Stains
    Low-End Estimate: $15 per room
    High-End Estimate: $25 per room

  • Repairing Carpets
    Low-End Estimate: $100 per patch
    High-End Estimate: $300 per patch

  • Removing Odors
    Low-End Estimate: $40 per room
    High-End Estimate: $100 per room

  • Cleaning Drapes
    Low-End Estimate: $2 per pleat
    High-End Estimate: $4 per pleat
    Some companies may have a minimum charge of $150 or higher more to clean drapes.

  • Cleaning Furniture
    Low-End Estimate: $30 per item
    High-End Estimate: $100 per item

  • Scotch-Guard Overspray Protection
    Low-End Estimate: $5 per room
    High-End Estimate: $10 per room

  • Carpet Dyeing Services
    Low-End Estimate: $300 per 100 square yards
    High-End Estimate: $900 per 100 square yards

  • Cleaning Stairs
    Low-End Estimate: $2 per stair
    High-End Estimate: $3 per stair

What to Expect from Carpet Cleaning Services

Chemical cleaning uses a liquid or granulated cleaning product to clean by encapsulating the dirt. The residue is trapped in crystals as it dries and they are vacuumed away. The carpet is usually dry to walk on within a matter of hours.

Steam cleaning forces water into the carpet fibers, loosening dirt that is sucked back out. The floor will be wet up to 24 hours (depending on weather conditions). Most steam companies utilize van-mounted systems, where the machine stays in the van and only the hose enters the house.

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