How much does a furnace tune-up cost?

Find out about pricing for furnace tune-ups.
A furnace is a device that controls heating processes in a house. This permanent appliance requires periodic maintenance in order to ensure maximum productivity, avoid the production of carbon monoxide gas, and help minimize heating costs.

Typical Furnace Tune-Up Costs

  • Oil-burning forced air furnace: A professional is recommended for oil-burning furnaces and typically costs from $75 to $125.

  • Gas furnace: Tune-up for the most common type of furnace, the gas furnace, costs approximately $80 to $130 for professional maintenance.

Low-End Estimate for Furnace Tune-Up

  • For the materials needed to perform a do-it-yourself furnace tune-up: About $25.

High-End Estimate for Furnace Tune-Up

  • A professional tune-up can cost up to $125 for an oil-burning forced air furnace and can run $130 or more for a gas furnace tune-up.

What to Expect

  • Materials: The materials needed for a furnace tune-up include an assortment of standard tools, a flashlight, specialized mirrors (for checking the blowers), wire brush, emery cloth, and a carbon monoxide meter.

  • Timing: The furnace tune-up process usually takes several hours.

  • Mess: The burners in the furnace will require cleaning and removal of dust. Aside from that, there is minimal mess involved in the furnace tune-up process.

Any Extra Costs for Furnace Tune-Ups?

  • A carbon monoxide alarm can be an invaluable investment for your home. This alarm will monitor the levels of carbon monoxide produced by the furnace system and signal if there is a problem.

  • In order to maximize efficiency for the furnace, replace the air filter regularly. With proper maintenance, including annual furnace tune-ups, you can save up to 10 percent on your heating costs.

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