How much does bay window installation cost?

Learn how much those new bay windows will cost you to install with our handy pricing guide.

Installing a bay window can majorly improve a home, but from the inside and the out. Bay windows are commonly used to provide the illusion of a larger room. They are used to increase the flow of natural light into a building as well as provide views of the outside that would be unavailable with an ordinary window.

Typically, the bay window is three-sided. One window is parallel to the walls inside and the other two windows that come off the side of the front window are each angled inward toward the room. Bay windows are more expensive. Depending on the size and finish, they can cost as much as double or triple the price of flat windows.

Vinyl is long-lasting and cheaper, but not everyone likes the look of vinyl as compared to the more traditional wood. If you are contemplating the installation of a bay window, you will have to weigh this extra cost against the major gains in terms of light and the appearance of your home, both inside and out.

Typical Costs for Bay Window Installation

  • Low-End Estimate: $850
  • High-End Estimate: $10,000+

    Among the factors affecting cost is whether the new window is the the same size as the existing window, or if the roofline is affected.

Potential Extra Costs

  • Copper Roof
    Low-End Estimate: $1,000
    High-End Estimate: $5,500

  • Pre-Drawn Plans for a Bay Window
    Low-End Estimate: $50
    High-End Estimate: $100

  • Filling Cavities with Foam (for Modern Homes)
    Low-End Estimate: $135
    High-End Estimate: $200 

  • Filling Cavities with Foam (for Historic Homes)
    Low-End Estimate: $200
    High-End Estimate: $450

  • Wrap Windows in Aluminum
    Low-End Estimate: $75
    High-End Estimate: $100 

  • Trim Inside the Window
    Low-End Estimate: $100
    High-End Estimate: $150

What to Expect from Bay Window Installation Companies

  • A professional remodeler or contractor will look at the existing window.

  • The will take basic measurements, discuss the options with you, and place an order for a custom-built or factor-made window.

  • They will also look for potential problems (like dry rot or structural damage) on the exterior window sill.

  • They will remove the older window and replace any problem components. 

  • The new window is installed from the exterior.

  • After the exterior installation is complete, they will install a pre-finished deck on the bay window sill inside the home.

  • They will complete the job by adding some finishing and trim around the window interior.

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