How much does it cost to remove wallpaper?

Find out about pricing and options for removing wallpaper.
Wallpaper can provide an easy, cost-effective and visually appealing alternative to painting. There are endless options for colors, styles, and textures when choosing wallpaper.

Typical Wallpaper Removal Costs

  • Solvent-based wallpaper removal: The cost for a gallon of wallpaper removal solvent plus the related tools typically ranges from $50 to $100.

  • Steam-based wallpaper removal: The cost for rental of an electric steamer for wallpaper removal is $20-$60 per day.

  • Professional removal: The average cost range for hiring a professional to remove wallpaper for a standard living room or bedroom is $200-$500, or it can run about $15 to $35 per hour.

Low-End Estimate for Wallpaper Removal

Do-it-yourself wallpaper removal for a standard sized room: DIYNetwork estimates the cost to be about $50-$100 and about a day's work, with a Difficulty Level of Easy to Moderate.

High-End Estimate for Wallpaper

Professional wallpaper removal for a standard sized room: About $200-$500.

What to Expect

  • Materials: The materials needed for wallpaper removal include solvent, a scoring tool, a wallpaper scraper, masking tape, drop cloths, sandpaper, rubber gloves, eye protection, and spackling compound.

  • Timing: Wallpaper removal can take a matter of hours or days depending upon the size of the room, type of adhesive in place on the walls, and a variety of other factors.

  • Mess: Wallpaper removal can be a messy process. Furniture, flooring, and other items in close proximity should be covered with drop cloths. The displaced wallpaper and old adhesive elements that are scraped for the wall will require disposal.

Other Helpful Tips

  • Once wallpaper is removed, it’s important that the walls be smoothed and primed before new wallpaper is installed. If a professional contractor is used for the removal process, it should be clearly understood whether the related cost includes removal alone or removal and priming.

  • Some wallpaper styles can be removed without use of solvents or steam. This process is known as “dry stripping” and typically applies to non-porous vinyl wallpapers and similar styles.

  • If there are multiple layers of wallpaper in place on the walls of a room, removal should be handled one layer at a time.

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