How much does it cost to repair a driveway?

Find out how much it typically costs to repair or repave a damaged driveway.
Driveways can become damaged due to standard wear and tear with age, weather related issues, or other factors. Depending upon the condition of the driveway, necessary repairs may include filling in cracks, replacing asphalt, patching holes and, in cases of more severe damage, repaving.

Typical Driveway Repair Costs

  • Filling cracks: The cost for a bottle of latex stone filler or other liquid crack filler is around $10-$15.

  • Asphalt repair: Asphalt repair solution typically costs in the range of $10 to $25 per gallon.

  • Patching holes: Patching material costs around $5 to $15 per package.

  • Repaving: The cost for repaving typically ranges from $500 to $3,500.

  • Handyman costs: The cost for hiring a handyman to patch cracks and fill holes on a driveway ranges from around $100 to $500, depending upon the extent of work necessary.

  • Do-it-yourself: To view video tutorials and specific instructions for driveway repair projects, visit and
Low-End Estimate for Driveway Repair
    For do-it-yourself patching of holes or filling cracks in a driveway: About $5-$25.
High-End Estimate for Driveway Repair
    For professional repaving of a full driveway: About $500-$3,500.
What to Expect
    Materials: The materials needed for driveway repair vary based upon the extent and type of damage. Cracks and holes require liquid filler, asphalt repair compound, or patching material. To repave a driveway, you’ll need to purchase the appropriate surface material (gravel, macadam, black asphalt, cobblestones, or concrete), along with professional paving and delivery equipment.

    Timing: Repairs for cracks and holes can take a matter of hours. Repaving can take several days.

    Mess: Since the patching and filling process involves liquid compounds, there may be cleanup required once the repair is complete. To avoid mess additional mess, you may need to block off the driveway area until the surface is dry.

Any Extras?
  • When planning a driveway repair project, it is important to take the weather forecast into consideration. Hot weather, specifically temperatures above 60 degrees Fahrenheit, helps with the drying process for the patching, paving, and sealing compounds. Rain can complicate driveway repair, so it’s important to begin work when rain is not expected for several days.

  • Several features can be incorporated into the driveway repair process to increase functionality and durability. Water runoff can be directed to drainage channels if the paved surface is angled downhill or built with a higher level in the center of the driveway. You can also have a hydronic snow melting system installed to help in the case of future snow and ice.

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