How much does it cost to repair dry rot?

Does your home have dry rot? Find out how much it'll cost you to repair it.

Fungi that grow on damp wood cause dry rot, causing the wood to become crumbly or spongy as the fungi spreading through the wood digest it.

Typical points for dry rot to occur include exterior areas of your home such as decks or siding and interior areas such as bathrooms or kitchens where a leaky pipe can cause persistent damp spots.

If you discover dry rot in your home, you may be able to correct it yourself at a low cost, or you may need to hire a professional to make the necessary repairs, which can be expensive depending on the amount of work needed.

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Typical Dry Rot Repair Costs:

  • If there is dry rot in an area of your home that does not support any weight, you might be able to remove the damaged wood and repair it with a wood restoration product. This can cost anywhere from $30-$70 per quart or $50-$200 per gallon of wood restoration product and your time to fix it.
  • If a specialist is needed to repair the damage, this cost will vary extensively depending on what repairs need to be made. A small area of damage such as a rotted porch support could cost $100-$200 to repair, whereas a major structural repair such as completely replacing a rotten deck could run from $8,000 to as much as $40,000 depending on the size of your deck.

Low-End Cost Estimate for Dry Rot Repair:

  • $30-$100 for a small do-it-yourself repair.

High-End Cost Estimate for Dry Rot Repair:

  • $8,000 to $40,000 or more for a large-scale repair requiring a specialist, such as replacing a 20-foot deck.

What to Expect from a Dry Rot Repair Service:

  • Bear in mind that homeowner's insurance companies typically won't cover the cost of dry rot repairs caused by a flood. However, if you have flood insurance for your home, that may cover the cost.
  • If you determine that the dry rot requires a specialist to repair it, get several estimates from contractors in your area before deciding to hire anyone.
  • Wood with dry rot can attract pests such as termites. Therefore, dry rot damage can be confused with insect damage - make sure you know what the cause of the damage is so that you can take the proper preventive steps.

Any Extra Costs Associated with Dry Rot Repair?

  • Have your home inspected regularly by a licensed home inspector as well as a pest control inspector.
  • Make sure your home is properly weatherproofed. Any leaks in your roof, foundation, or other areas that could allow rain or runoff from a storm to enter your home could potentially lead to dry rot.
  • Look for signs of dry rot in potential trouble spots such as your kitchen and bathroom. It is typically easier to detect areas of dry rot before they dry out completely, due to the musty smell and possible visibly damp areas of wood.

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