How much does it cost to replace a toilet?

Toilet styles range from basic to high-end. Learn how much a new toilet costs and whether it's a DIY project.
Replacing a toilet can be one of the less expensive home repairs you ever have to make, as well as a project that may be feasible for a do-it-yourselfer.

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Typical Costs to Replace a Toilet:

  • Toilets can run from under $200 to more than $500 depending on the level of functionality and features, plus an installation fee, which may run you $100-$300.

Low-End Cost Estimate to Install a New Toilet:

  • A basic, no-frills toilet including installation could cost $200-$300.

High-End Cost Estimate to Install a New Toilet:

  • A high-end toilet with additional functionality, such as heated seats or designer colors, could cost $500 or more plus the installation fee.

What to Expect when Replacing a Toilet Yourself:

  • Going the do-it-yourself route can save you money on the installation, but you'll need to have some basic knowledge, including being able to shut off the water.

  • You may need to be aware of any building codes or permits as they pertain to toilet installation in your area.

Any Extra Costs or Savings?

  • The cost of a new toilet may not include other parts needed for a new toilet, including the wax ring, riser pipe and mounting bolts, which can be additional expenses if the new toilet does not have them included.

  • A plumber may charge extra if you have a more complex toilet installation due to parts needing replacement, extra water lines to be added, etc.

  • A disposal charge may be added to the installation if you have the toilet installed professionally. If you install the toilet yourself, you may need to check with your disposal company to find out if they will haul away the old toilet. Otherwise, you'll need to take it to the proper disposal facility.

  • If the flooring under the toilet has water damage, it may cost extra to repair the flooring. If not fixed, the flooring could possibly collapse under the weight of the toilet.

  • Your local water department may offer rebates for replacing an old toilet with a new low-flow toilet. Additionally, toilets designed for the handicapped or elderly may be eligible for a free installation - contact your local social services department for more information.

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