How much does it cost to waterproof a basement?

Fix your wet basement by finding a professional to waterproof it.
Discovering moisture in your basement could be the beginning of a serious problem. Extended periods of moisture could lead to unhealthy mold buildup and further cracking in the foundation, resulting in thousands of dollars spent on repairs.

Homeowners often confuse the terms "dampness" and "moisture seepage" when determining if a basement needs to be waterproofed. You can remove dampness by hiring a professional to encapsulate a damp crawlspace with vapor barriers, or you can buy a dehumidifier to reduce dampness.

Basement moisture seepage, however, requires a more careful eye to identify what might be causing the moisture problems. Improper drainage from downspouts, shrubs and flower beds too close to the home's foundation, and land that slopes toward your home instead of away from it are often the culprits for many basement moisture problems.

If you've worked to curtail these issues yet you still see significant moisture in your basement, then ground water is entering through cracks in the basement wall or floor. You'll need to contact a basement waterproofing professional who will know the proper methods for alleviating the seepage.

Typical Costs for Basement Waterproofing (Professional Services)

  • Low-End Estimate: $350

  • High-End Estimate: $15,000

    These prices include the cost of materials and labor.

    Most basement- waterproofing companies offer free estimates on basement waterproofing jobs.

    Many basement- waterproofing companies offer 24-hour service to begin working on your water damage problems, though there may be additional charges tacked on for the emergency service.

    One key thing to remember is that exterior waterproofing is the superior method for stopping water seepage. Interior basement waterproofing products are available for minor leak repairs (starting at $350 and up), but they aren't as effective when it comes to protecting your home from water damage and mold. Exterior basement waterproofing often means at least some excavation is necessary for contractors to access your footer drain system.

    Some companies use a non-destructive method called infrared thermography to locate basement moisture sources. Ask your contractor if this survey method is available (usually costs about $650 and up).

    Be sure to get a written copy of what guarantee the company has for their professional basement-waterproofing services.

Additional Costs Related to Basement Waterproofing

  • Dehumidifier
    Low-End Estimate: $600
    High-End Estimate: $1,900

  • Drainage Systems Using a Sump Pump
    Low-End Estimate: $30
    High-End Estimate: $1,500

  • Mold Removal Services
    Low-End Estimate: $4,000
    High-End Estimate: $12,000

  • Extending Downspouts Away from Your Home
    Low-End Estimate: $40
    High-End Estimate: $200

  • Window Well Drains
    Low-End Estimate: $250 each
    High-End Estimate: $300 each

What to Expect from Basement Waterproofing Professionals

Basement waterproofing professionals will:
  • Assess the gutters and downspouts to determine how close water is to your foundation.

  • Survey any internal cracks and holes in the basement walls and foundation for repair, and attempt to identify whether the problem is condensation or moisture seepage.

  • Apply sealants to the affected internal and external areas.

  • Excavate the affected areas outside the home to perform adequate tests on the outlying footer drains.

  • Recommend any further options (like sump pumps or extending downspouts away from the home) that will reduce future moisture seepage problems.

More About Basement Waterproofing

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