How much should I expect to pay for bed bug removal services?

Are bed bugs keeping you up at night and you can’t sleep tight? See our cost guide on using professional services to rid your home of bed bugs.
Bed bugs are more nuisance than danger when you discover them in your home. Unlike most pests who are easily exterminated with traps, poisons, and other methods, bed bugs are extremely difficult to eliminate because of their penchant for hiding in tight spaces. Every situation with bed bugs is different, and it very well may take several professional treatments before they are completely eliminated.

If you’re noticing red bite marks on your body in clusters of three or blood spots on your sheets, you may have an infestation that needs to be addressed with professional pest removal services.

Typical Costs for Bed Bug Removal Services

  • Low-End Estimate: $100

  • High-End Estimate: Potentially $5,000 and higher
Some people can eliminate bed bugs with one treatment, while others will require many treatments. Because each situation is unique, it’s hard to put an exact cost figure on what bed bug removal will cost.

When bed bug treatments are applied, professional services will usually charge several hundred dollars per room.

There are no guarantees that treatments will work. Homeowners usually have to be proactive and install things like bed bug-proof mattress covers, or simply replace bed bug-ridden furniture if the services don’t work.

Additional Costs for Bed Bug Removal Services

Using Dogs to Sniff Out Bed Bugs:
  • Low-End Estimate: $300

  • High-End Estimate: $1,500
Many companies will claim that trained beagles can sniff out bed bugs with a high rate of accuracy. Be sure to check several references from companies about the efficiency of this service.

More Information on Bed Bugs

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