How much should I expect to pay for storm window installation?

Go green and improve your home’s energy usage by installing storm windows. Learn how much you will expect to pay.

Storm windows are either temporary or permanent add-ons to your home, protecting your primary windows from any potential storm damage and acting as an insulation barrier to keep heat and air from escaping outside

Drafty, regular single-pane windows are the culprits of up to 25 percent of your home's energy loss, according to You can install storm windows on the interior or exterior of your primary windows to combat this energy loss and save money. If you're looking to hire a professional storm window installer, ask if they hold a certification from the Association of Window and Door Installers (AWDI). Certified installers know the products and procedures necessary to meet storm windows manufacturer's specifications. Be sure to get at least three estimates in writing, and ask if they are bonded and insured.

Typical Costs for Storm Window Installation

  • Low-End Estimate: $150 per storm window


  • High-End Estimate: $275 per storm window


  • These prices are for the cost of materials and installation. Windows are often priced by the "unified inch," which means the width of the window + length of the window. For example, a window that's 30 inches wide by 60 inches long would be 90 unified inches.


  • Exterior storm windows cost more than interior storm windows, mostly due to the labor involved (interior storm windows are easier to hang from an inside room).


  • Frames for storm windows can be made of steel, aluminum, wood, fiberglass, or vinyl.


  • Glass, plastic panels, laminated glass, polycarbonate plastic, and even plastic sheets with specialized optical characteristics are used in different storm window models.

What to Expect from Storm Window Installation Services

Professional storm window installers will:

  • Measure each regular window and storm window at top and bottom for the width and at both sides for the height dimensions to figure out the unified inches.


  • Drill holes about 12 inches apart in the storm window's flanges.


  • Make sure the storm window is level and secure in the opening.


  • Secure the storm window in place by drilling in sheet metal screws in the pre-drilled holes, repeating this process for all sides.


  • Seal the exterior gap between the window and the window opening with caulk.


  • Check to see that the new storm window operates correctly.

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