How much should I expect to pay to stain a deck?

Liven up that dull, colorless deck. It's easier than you think. We'll tell you what it will cost with our handy pricing guide.

Staining a wooden deck should be part of regular maintenance each year to keep your deck looking new, prevent fading, and keep the wood from splintering. If you have a brand new deck with pressure-treated wood, keep in mind that you must wait 6-12 months after the deck was built before staining it to allow the wood proper time to dry out.

Typical Costs for Staining a Deck (Professional)

  • Low-End Estimate: $250
  • High-End Estimate: $5,000

    Many variables are used by deck staining professionals to determine an overall cost-for example, how big of an area needs to be cleaned with a pressure washer, how many spindles and railings are there, does the underside of the deck need to be stained, what is the condition of the deck, what type of wood is the deck, and so on.

Typical Costs for Staining a Deck (Do-It-Yourself)

  • Low-End Estimate: $140
  • High-End Estimate: $450

    Make sure you plan to buy or rent a pressure washer ($40 to $200) before you start staining to strip away any dirt and grime on the wood.

    Deck staining supplies ($100 to $250) can be found at most home improvement stores.

What to Expect from a Professional Deck Staining Company

  • Deck staining professionals will start by cleaning the deck with a pressure washer or with some kind of oxygen-bleach solution. It may take a day for the deck to completely dry out before the staining process can begin.


  • They'll start staining from the top, meaning the handrails, rail posts, and horizontal supports.


  • They will then go back and stain underneath the handrails and behind the rail posts/horizontal supports.


  • They'll place drop cloths underneath the deck in preparation for the main portion of the deck staining.


  • They'll stain the main deck surface, working their way away from the house and toward the stairs (if applicable). They may choose to use a paint pad applicator, a pressure sprayer, or a paintbrush.


  • Lastly, they will recommend you wait 24 hours before using the deck to allow it to dry completely.

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