How to prepare your pets for disaster

Helping you and your pet weather the worst.
  1. Make sure your pets’ I.D. tags are current
  2. Update your pets’ immunization cards
  3. Make a list of your pets’ medications
  4. Have your pets’ first aid kit ready.
  5. Stack up on emergency food and water supplies
  6. Pack at least two travel bowls
  7. Get a flashing collar/ID tag to find your pet quickly
  8. Pack a picture of your pets in case you get separated.
  9. Get a safety harness and leash.
  10. Know your pets hiding places in and out of the house.
  11. Develop a pet buddy system. Pets, unlike service animals, may not be allowed in emergency shelters. Talk to your family, friends and neighbors. Plan how you will help each other in an emergency.
  12. Designate an out-of-state and a local friend or relative as contacts. A contact can be used by family members or others to call if you are separated from each other. Identify a location where you can reunite.
  13. Place Rescue Pet Decals on your windows and doors to alert rescue teams to save your pets inside the house
  • Have all of your items stored in a bag or a container in an accessible place so you can grab it in case you need to leave your house in a hurry.
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