Kitchen Remodeling: How To Prepare

How to keep a kitchen remodel only mildly disruptive.

Remodeling your kitchen can be extremely disruptive on a family's lifestyle, but with a little foresight and planning, you can function quite well for the length of the project. A few tips:

  • Pick an area of your home you can use for meal prep, like your dining room, part of your garage, or your basement. 
  • Before the project starts, pack all of your kitchen goods. This is essential. Ask your contractor how much of the room needs to be packed in order to start the project.
  • Remember to maintain access to some refrigeration. This may require you to move your refrigerator to another room in the home or into the garage, or buy a mini fridge.
  • Label each of the boxes with their exact contents. This will prevent a frantic search for any item needed during the job. Put aside essential items (coffee pot, utensils, paper plates, etc) in a seperate container. 
  • Grab a couple of large Tupperware containers and store essential supplies near your meal-prep area.
  • Cut down on clean up by buying paper plates and utensils. 
  • Plan meals that don't require an oven or stove. Instead, use your crock pot, microwave, hot plate or grill. 

You may feel like a college freshman cooking out of a dorm room, but once the remodel is over, your new kitchen will be worth the suffering. 

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