Kudzu's Summer To Do List

Summertime! The time of year for vacations, sunny days, and poolside fun. But if you put in a little effort here and there around the house and check things off your summer to-do list, it'll pay off in the long run.

Summertime! The time of year for vacations, sunny days, and poolside fun. But if you put in a little effort here and there around the house and check things off your summer to-do list, it'll pay off in the long run.


Inspect Your Windows

Why: Inspecting your windows will tell you a lot of things. For one, you might find separations in your sealants around the glass and around the frame itself. Sealing those up with some caulk or silicon will not only help keep the summer creepy-crawlies out, but it’ll keep the cool in and help you save on your utility bills. Plus, you might find broken glass you didn’t know about or discover that your outdated windows need to be replaced altogether. Installing nice new windows will open your house up and add curb appeal.

Want to really go big? Add a sun room.

Who can help: Hire a window pro or a contractor

Install a Home Security System

Why: Boosting your home’s security is good any time of year, but the summer months tend to be when homeowners are most frequently away on vacation. Having a quality home security system installed will make your home safer whether you’re home or not.

Who can help: Find a home security expert.

Upgrade Your Fans

Why: You’ll cut down on your air conditioning bills.

Who can help: Find an electrician.

Have Air Conditioner & Attic Fan Serviced

Why: Keeping your air conditioner and attic fan properly cleaned and serviced will help them run more efficiently and cool your home better over the summer months. It’s particularly important to clean your A/C’s filters because clogged filters can overwork the unit and lead to overheating and major damage. That’s not cheap to repair or replace. Plus, when you cool your home more efficiently, you spend less on utility bills.

Who can help: Find a heating and air conditioning pro.

Backyard & Landscape

Check Crawlspace For Critters

Why: When uninvited pests nestled in but didn’t exactly survive the winter, you need to remove them before they start to stink. Even though they’re not in the land of the living, they can still spread disease. Additionally, as summer starts, a crawlspace or cool basement can become a habitat for pests, so it's the perfect time to address the issue.

Who can help: Hire a pest control expert. 

Trim Trees

Why: Trimming dead branches and thinning out your trees and bushes will help them grow and stay healthy. Even though the branches are dead, the roots still try to feed them, which takes more energy than necessary. With only healthy branches remaining, your trees and bushes can flourish and will last longer.

Who can help: You can do some trimming on your own, but hire a tree service for more expert advice and to handle the branches that are higher up.

Install a Sprinkler System

Why: With good watering and care, your lawn can thrive in the summer. Installing a sprinkler system alleviates the time it takes to water. And it can be programmed to water your lawn at automatic intervals, which will help you save on water bills. Plus, a lawn that is well fertilized, weeded, and trimmed can add a lot of good looks to your home.

Who can help: Find a lawn specialist.

Exterior, Basement & Foundation

Give Your Roof a Good Once-Over

Why: Summer is the ideal time to check your roof for leaks, inspect the vent covers and shingles, shakes, or tiles, and make any repairs or replace it altogether. Sure it’s hot, but that heat is exactly what a roof needs to cure properly.

Who can help: You can inspect it by yourself unless you’re not keen on heights. If you need to repair or replace it, you can find a roofing contractor here.

Check Your Basement for Leaks

Why: Leaky pipes can cause wood rot, foundation cracks, and high water bills. All that moisture also breeds mold and mildew, which can cause health issues. 

Who can help: You'll need a plumber.

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