Let the kiddies play outside worry-free

5 ways to make your backyard child-friendly.
Keeping your child engaged, happy and safe is easier when you plan your backyard with children in mind. Here are some tips to consider:
  1. Supervise your children. First and foremost, make sure your children are supervised appropriately for their age. For the little ones, stay within earshot or view at all times. Need childcare help? Click here.

  2. Identify the hazards. Sure, those brick steps and exotic plants were beautiful when you bought your house. Now that you have kids, you may find every step becomes another place to trip, and those innocent-seeming plants are now toxic hazards for babies who like to put things in their mouths. Swarms of bees? Ant hills? Thorny bushes? All problems that will add anxiety rather than relaxation to your day.

    • These bricklayers can replace those old, broken bricks.

    • Check out these landscape design companies for a safe, kid-friendly garden design.

    • Get an exterminator on the job if pests and stinging insect nests or hills are a problem.

    • Get your deck fixed or replaced your deck with help from these pros.

  3. Choose pets wisely. If you already have pets, keep them in mind when you plan your backyard. Terriers like to dig; you want a children's garden. Bad combo. You want a sandbox; outdoor cats like to use them as litterboxes and your beloved cat, Tiger, has never spent a night inside in his life. Not good. Looking to get a pet? These animal experts can help you choose the best pets for your family's needs.

  4. Add kid-favorite features.
    • "Push me!" Okay, that request may drive you crazy after awhile, but let's face it. Children love backyard playsets. Today's wide variety of choices, in every price range, go far beyond the metal gliders and swingsets of your youth. These pros can help you find the best choice for your space and budget.

    • What kid doesn't like frogs? Add a water feature like a pond and watch your children learn and love wildlife. Find pond installers here.

    • Everybody in the pool! A family pool is a great place to hang out and entertain, and it can create memories of a lifetime. See what these pool companies have to offer, and remember to include safety features like a fence around the pool.

    • See how it grows. A children's garden invites kids to touch, smell and taste and introduces them to a whole world of ecology. Add morning glory teepees, sweet pea tunnels, a pizza pie vegetable bed, and more to make this hands-on and fruitful part of your backyard the place to be. These landscape design experts can show you how.

    • Kick the ball. What's a backyard for kids without a nice stretch of lawn? Keep it trimmed and ready for action with these lawn maintenance pros.

    • Add a secret hideaway. Hey, we all love our own place in the world. Kids are no different. Let these construction pros add a custom playhouse or treehouse-and make it big enough that you'll fit, too. You know you've always wanted one!

  5. Change with the times. Children go through many ages and stages. Be ready to grow and change with them. Done with the playset? Make room for a fire pit or other outdoor entertaining area. What teenager wouldn't love that? Finished with all the plastic toys on the deck? Maybe it's time for that outdoor kitchen. These experts can help you turn your backyard into an outdoor living space where your family will continue to love to gather.

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