Love Your Kitchen: 7 Upgrades That Make a Huge Difference

It's Valentines Day, a the perfect time of year to show your kitchen a little love with a remodel. If you’re ready to revamp, we have 7 upgrades for you.

It's never a bad time to show your kitchen a little love with a remodel. If you’re ready to revamp, we have 7 upgrades for you. 

Dual-Fuel Oven

If you love to cook, a dual-fuel oven might just be right up your alley. The gas cooktop provides instant temperature control, while the electric convection oven provides you with the kind of bread you find only in gifted bakeries—toasted and tender inside with a nicely browned, crispy crust on top.

This 48-inch dual fuel range gives you the flexibility of both electric and gas cooking.

 Pendant Lighting

Pendant lights are a much more distinctive option than your typical recessed lighting. These vintage pendants swoop down over the kitchen island with graceful style. The unique Edison-like bulbs give a timeless touch with the elegant glow of the filaments.

Illuminating pendants add a custom flair to any kitchen.

Decorative Ceiling Tiles

Decorative ceiling tiles are an easy way to give your kitchen a dash of refinement. These faux-tin ceiling tiles bring a subtle twist of excitement to this simple kitchen, looking stunning against the pale yellow walls.

Faux-tin tiles are simple to install and bring the right amount of sophistication to any kitchen.

Pot Filler

If you’re tired of lugging hefty pots of water from the sink, save your back the strain with an over-the-stove pot filler. This copper pot filler meshes well with the ornate backsplash and is a luxurious and convenient addition to the kitchen’s design.

Pot fillers are a must-have for the kitchen.

  Mix and Match Textures

Mixing and matching textures is an ideal way to add depth to a kitchen. Raised-panel cabinets are splashed along one wall, while doors etched with a diamond design surround the island. Hanging above are polygonal faceted fixtures. This hodgepodge of geometry gives this kitchen space a dreamy, mathematical quality.

A mixture of textures is the perfect equation in this kitchen.

  Pot Racks

Pot racks not only save some serious space in the kitchen, but also leave you with a pleasantly surprising display area. Warm metallic colors like copper and oil-rubbed bronze are commandeering their way into the kitchen, and mixing and matching metals is a trendy design favorite.

This wall-mount pot rack functions as a storage and display area.

  Colorful Kitchens

White is a classic choice for a clean-looking kitchen, but if you aren’t afraid to venture out of the safe zone, a dollop of color can turn the room into a bright and cheery space. 

Bright colors can make a kitchen flourish.

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