Should I hire an animal control specialist?

If you've noticed unwanted critters in your house, review some of the advantages of calling an animal control specialist for safe and effective removal.
Have you heard some mysterious pitter-pattering in your attic or behind your walls? Or maybe someone is destroying your trash before the waste removal company takes it away. Well, when it comes to being a homeowner, the only living things you want in your house are your family and your pets. All other critters can be quite a nuisance.

There are certainly some situations that can be dealt with by a do-it-yourselfer. The age-old method of setting mice and rat traps is inexpensive and sometimes effective. But what if there is a frog infestation under your back porch? When wild nature finds its way into your home, making a call to an animal control specialist is probably your best bet. There are two major concerns when dealing with unwanted house guests:

  1. Safety - First and foremost, the safety of yourself and your family is top priority. In addition to all the property damage that pests can cause, their excrement and carcasses are highly unsanitary and can even spread disease. When removing the higher profile critters, such as raccoons and snakes, you also have to be concerned with the possibility of sustaining personal injuries when dealing with the situation. Animal control specialists are trained in the art of pest removal and usually come with a lack of fear and squeamishness.

  2. Humane Removal - Another topic of concern is the humane removal of such critters. Sprinkling poison in your basement might kill some unwanted rodents, but dead animals in and around your home can be a real health hazard. For some situations, extermination wins out over removal. But for the most part, modern techniques involve trapping the animals and making your home a less inviting place for their return.
If you're noticing some unwanted house guests of your own, you can find animal control specialists in your area at

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