Throwing a soiree with style

Hints to help you entertain in style.
Peruse the list below and find hints to help you entertain in style:

Love to entertain at home and always looking for new ideas?

You're always up for a party and are constantly searching for ways to make each occasion special. Why not:

  • Hire an expert to match your party's theme? For example, make a Spanish tapas party extra hot with flamenco dance lesson for your guests, or teach all those gourmands a thing or two with a professional chef demonstration. Check out these entertainers for inspiration.

  • Create a real party space. Since you like to entertain in your home so often, make sure your space really works for you. Does your house have good flow? How are your furnishings? Your sound system? Your lighting? Has your fireplace been cleaned and inspected recently? How about that kitchen-you know everyone always ends up there at some point during the party. Is it as roomy and efficient as it could be? What about your backyard? Is it well-groomed and comfortable for hanging out? Is it time to put in that pool? What about finishing the basement or adding on a deck? These service pros can help make your home party-central.

  • Make your home a refuge. If you have frequent overnight guests, then make sure that guest room and bathroom are in tip-top shape. A fresh coat of paint and some comfortable furniture, fresh flowers, terrycloth robes and great food will ensure they never want to leave- these pros can help you out But when they do leave, make sure to treat yourself. These spas are at your service.You deserve a little pampering after all that hosting!

Love to entertain at home but just don't have the time?

Don't miss out on all the fun just because you're too busy to prepare. Keep it simple:
  • Hire a housecleaning serviceand keep your home company-ready.

  • Get an electrician to put your lights on dimmers so you can create the right mood-and hide the dust between cleanings.

  • Put a party planner to work for you so you don't have to sweat the details.

  • Plan a potluck and ask everyone to bring something.

  • Cater! Bring in fabulous food, hire a bartender and spend your time mingling with your guests.

  • Put teenagers to work. Don't overlook the neighborhood teens when it comes to helping pass and refill food, clean up cups and dishes and entertain or babysit children, or contact these pros for extra sets of hands

Love to entertain but embarrassed about the condition of your home?
  • Clean out the clutter. It's your home and you want it to be comfortable, but if you at least clean the clutter out of the kitchen and the living room, then you have a party space. Need help? Hire a personal organizer. Once everything has a place, keeping your home in order is much, much easier.

  • Get necessary repairs. You may not desire people coming over if your paint is chipped; your landscaping is nothing to rave about and the carpet smells like your elderly dog's last days. Determine the most important home repair items on your to-do list and get them done with the help of these home service pros. You'll feel great afterwards, and sharing your home will be a pleasure.

  • Make your home sparkle. Get your house cleaned, lawn mowed, and windows washed and coming home from work will feel like a special occasion every day.

  • Add final touches. Nothing says "welcome" like beautiful details. Bring in fresh flowers and great food. Create that home theater you've always wanted, add speakers and furniture to the deck, frame and hang those gorgeous paintings, install some spot lighting, and make sure your pets are sweet-smelling and groomed. Who wouldn't want to party now?
Hate to entertain at home and have no intention of doing it?

Having people in your home is not for everyone. However, you may still have occasions when it's necessary to entertain. Business dinners. Holiday meals. The future son-in-law's parents. Check out these restaurants and catering facilities, reserve a table or plan a special event and pick up the tab. And you don't even have to clean up afterward.

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