Tips for Hiring a House Keeper, Maid or Cleaning Service

Establishing the proper rapport with your home cleaning service goes a long way to establishing an enduring and productive partnership.

You might be asking yourself "should I hire a housekeeper this holiday season?" If you're asking, the answer is yes. If you can justify the cost (here's about what it costs), it's an expense that will save you a ton of time and stress. There's a reason cleaning services are so popular and not only for the extremely wealthy. A cleaning service will help with the exhausting tasks like cleaning floors and scrubbing the bathtubs. If you've never hired a house keeper, maid, or cleaning service before, here are a few tips.

Be professional

Establish a comfortable employer/employee relationship. Don't be overly personal, but do try to be on a first-name basis. After awhile, you may get to know the person if he or she visits regularly.  At first, treat interactions and conversation as you would in the workplace and be respectful. 

Don't hover

Talk through what you want done and them your main priorities (especially if you've booked them by the hour).  Show them where things are stored, show them how you like things to be done, and then get out of their way. Keep in mind that they are professionals, and are probaby more efficient than you are. Ask them or tell them where you want them to start, and stay in a different area of the house so they can do their jobs.

Addressing issues

If unhappy about performance, bring it up immediately and discuss in a professional mannner.  Never accuse anyone of a crime unless you have iron-clad proof: a missing item may have been moved by someone else. 


It's appropriate to give a card, an extra tip or a gift on birthdays or around the holidays. 

Who to call

If you haven't yet found a maid, search a list of house cleaning services. Look for someone with a 5 star rating and great reviews. 

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