Tips for living with natural gas

What to do to stay safe with natural gas.
Natural gas is a natural for heating homes and fueling ovens, clothes dryers, water heaters and more. That's because natural gas is an available resource that burns relatively cleanly, is economical and is energy-efficient when compared to other energy sources. You most likely have many uses for natural gas around your home.

It's important, therefore, that you learn what to do in case of a natural gas leak and other safety tips for living with natural gas.
  • Eggs means exit! Natural gas is colorless, odorless and tasteless. Gas companies add a chemical to give it a sulphur-like smell, which smells like rotten eggs. If you suddenly smell this, get out of your house immediately. Don't attempt to locate the leak, open any windows, use your telephone (including cell phones), turn lights on or off, start your car or smoke. Go to a neighbor's house and call your gas company's emergency number or 911. Do not go back inside your home until your gas company has cleared you to do so.

  • Keep 'em clear. Do not block furnaces, radiators or vents with furniture, boxes, drapes or any other items. They could catch fire.

  • Store safely. Do not store any flammable materials or liquids near any gas appliance.

  • Go with the flow. Have your heat registers, cold-air returns and air ducts checked and cleaned regularly to be sure that air is flowing in them properly. Change filters regularly.

  • Pipe down. Don't let anything hang from gas pipes, including laundry or children-at-play!

  • Check it out. See related article on carbon monoxide for more safety tips.

Print out this label, cut it out, write your gas company's emergency number on it and post it where you can find it in case of emergency.
My natural gas company is _________________________________________________

In case of emergency, call _________________________________________________

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