Top 10 Kitchen Trends of 2018

In 2018, the dominant kitchen design is a hybrid of recent trends; namely, farmhouse meets Mediterranean villa meets modern. The end result boils down to these top ten features.

From a design standpoint, the kitchen is the “heart of the home,” the epicenter where guests convene during parties, where holiday meals are created, and where parents and kids gather for breakfast and dinner to share the stories of their day. The kitchen, in essence, feels like family.

As for what that “heart” looks like in 2018, the dominant kitchen design is a hybrid of recent trends; namely, modern farmhouse meets Mediterranean villa meets mnodern. The end result boils down to these key ten features:  

Color is Back

This year, designers are drawn to both cheery pastels and soothing neutrals, opening the way for everything from Millennial pink to burnt sage. Also, silver and gold accents are big, alongside matte black and smooth ebony finishes. White is still white hot, but it doesn't need to be the dominant color from floor to ceiling. 

Think Sink

It’s all about thinking outside the stainless steel rectangle. Modern kitchens incorporate deep, wide basins and farmhouse sinks, made in interesting materials such as ceramic, galvanized metal, stone, copper, and even concrete. Also, a separate island prep station including built-in sink is on the new kitchen wishlist.

Bold Cabinets

Designers are boldly going where they haven’t gone in decades -- to the painted “shaker” style cabinet. And they’re not afraid to use bold colors like deep grays, greens, and blues. Also, the L-shaped layout is back, over the U-shaped layout.


Natural wood floors are still the number one choice, but gaining quickly behind them are: wood laminates, due to their lower cost profile and lower maintenance demands. And next, an old throwback: terrazzo tile. The modern version is far more sleek, refined, and sophisticated than their 70’s counterparts.


It’s official: Granite is out, after three years on the downslope. Replacing it: engineered quartz, which achieves the classic look of granite, but for less buck for your bang. Also working in its favor, quartz is more durable, less susceptible to chipping, scratching, and staining.

Rising in popularity as well: concrete countertops, which also can be customized to resemble natural stone. It also can be dyed in infinite colors, molded into a myriad of designs, patterns, and shapes.

 Backsplash of Color

As the all-white kitchen fades to black, so are the all-white subway tile backsplashes. And in their place: ceramic tiles in bold patterns and designs, and made to resemble glass, metals, mosaics, even wallpaper.

“Smart” Technology

Imagine turning on your oven before getting home, then having your favorite playlist sound in the background as you listen to a guided cooking app walk you step by step through your favorite recipe.

Well, thanks to the growing market of smart kitchen appliances, this is now a reality. Refrigerators, ranges, mixers, and so on -- each one can be programmed to order specific foods from online grocery stores, and then help you transform them into healthy, delicious family-friendly meals.

Old Meets New

As kitchen appliances and fixtures get more streamlined and shiny, the kitchen of 2018 balances the new with the old; for example: 

  • Barndoors with brass knobs
  • Shiplap wood paneling with crystal chandeliers
  • Reclaimed wood tables with metal chairs
  • Steel studs with chintzes floral fabrics
  • Brass door knobs on painted wood cabinets
  • Metallic fixtures on ceramic farmhouse sinks

Clutter-free Zone

One of the biggest demands from homeowners was for clean countertops. Industry experts rose to the occasion and the result is: Innovative storage solutions, built-ins, pull-out waste and recycling bings, dish organizers, and so on.

Gas Stoves are Out

Induction and steam ovens are in. Gas stoves are out.


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