What Are Infinity Windows?

The "dog days of summer" have arrived, putting one exterior home feature to the ultimate heat-proofing test: windows.

The fact is, energy loss from faulty or outdated windows can account for 10-25% of your home's power bills, not to mention the physical discomfort from an inadequately cooled living environment.

After extensive research, real-world tests, cost and benefit comparisons, North Georgia Replacement Windows reveals the one name they choose above all others: Infinity Windows, made by the iconic, century-old Marvin Windows & Doors.

Here are the top 10 benefits of Infinity Windows:

1. Superior Strength

Infinity windows are made of Ultrex fiberglass, a material as strong as carbon steel and eight-times stronger than vinyl. It's so tough that manufacturers must use diamond-edged blades just to cut it to size.

Infinity windows also have a design pressure rating of 30, which means they can withstand wind pressure of up to 130 miles per hour. Infinity Windows also expand and contract 87 times less than vinyl, so they remain durable for the long term.

2. Airtight Seals

The fiberglass component of Ultrex is made of the same sand/silica compound as the glass contained inside the window frame; meaning, the outside expands and contracts in harmony with the inside, reducing stress fractures and separation. In fact, Ultrex has the lowest seal-failure rate in the entire industry above vinyl, wood composites, pine, and aluminum.

3. Energy Efficiency

Infinity windows don't just meet Energy Star guidelines for efficiency and performance; they vastly exceed those requirements. The low E2 Argon glass is 64% more efficient than ordinary single pane glass, and the low E glazing can reduce cooling bills by up to 30%.

4. Classic Wood Profile Without Upkeep

Wood is the ultimate window material; timeless, classic, and sophisticated. However, natural wood is also extremely difficult to preserve; it's highly susceptible to moisture, mildew, mold, cracking, warping, and rotting -- necessitating regular maintenance.

Infinity windows achieve the look and feel of natural lumber, minus its vulnerabilities with a patented finish called Everwood. It has the traditional profile of gorgeous wood grain, all the while being invulnerable to bacterial growth. It never needs to be stained, scraped, or sealed.

Also, Everwood finishes come in a wide variety of colors: stone white, Sierra, cashmere, pebble gray, Bahama brown, bronze -- or a customized hue of your choice.

5. Every Imaginable Style

Infinity windows come in every style, from double-hung to dormer, a polygon to picture, bay, bow, box, awning, glider, round-top, and so on. Glass can be frosted, obscure, clear, and narrow reed; standard, highly-transparent, or your choice of screen options.

6. Impenetrable Finishes

Unlike vinyl and other window materials, the Infinity Window is sealed with a mechanically bonded inline acrylic finish that's three times thicker than the competition. The result is a seamless membrane that resists discoloration, peeling, and flaking.

7. More Visibility

Infinity windows can support a narrower window frame, providing a larger surface area for the glass and wider, brighter views. Infinity fiberglass window replacements allow more natural light into the home than other materials allow.  

8. Easy to Operate & Clean

The Infinity line eliminates "window elbow," the pain on the inside of your arm caused by reaching under the sill to clean the outside pane. These windows open in so that you can clean both sides at the same time.

9. "Built for Life."

Infinity windows were created in 2002, by the iconic, century-old Marvin Windows & Doors. Their tagline "Built for Life" was chosen to communicate the product's ability to dramatically outlast conventional windows, which endure 7-12 years before requiring repair. Infinity windows, however, come with a limited, lifetime guarantee.

10. Environmentally Safe

Ultrex Fiberglass is made of sand and silica, abundant natural resources unlike vinyl, aluminum, and other wood composites.

Likewise, the manufacturing process for producing Infinity Windows uses 80% less energy than aluminum and 39% less than vinyl.

George Marvin, founder of Infinity's parent company Marvin Windows & Doors once said, “I don’t have to be the smartest at everything. I just have to find the people who are.”

Today, North Georgia Replacement Windows has found the "smartest" choice for your home's next -- and last -- window upgrade: Infinity from Marvin.


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