What Should I Consider When Considering a Pool?

Before diving in to pool construction, ask yourself these questions.

It is a great time of year to build a pool while it's still chilly and pool companies have fewer projects. Before diving in to pool construction, ask yourself these questions:

Why Do I Want a Pool?

Do you want a pool for relaxation? Entertainment? Exercise? Beauty? These are all valid reasons for having a pool, but they each suggest different design considerations. Knowing what your dream is, going in to the project, will help a contractor hone in on what will make you happiest and assure greater satisfaction with the outcome.

Pro: A pool adds enjoyment to your lifestyle.
Con: Not everyone wants a pool, and it can limit your home resale opportunities.

How Much Space Do I Have For a Pool?

Consider the movement of the sun, easements and rights-of-way of power companies, and restrictions regarding the placement of the pool in relation to other structures such as your home.

Pro: A pool can be a wonderful focal point for your property.
Con: A pool can take up a great deal of space that will then be unavailable for other uses.

What Is My Budget?

Your budget needs to cover the design and building of the pool as well as landscaping and decking to complete the pool environment. Unexpected costs such as removing buried trash piles left during original home construction and reinforcing inadequately firm soil can drive your costs up as well. Ongoing costs for a pool include increased electricity, gas and water bills, and weekly pool maintenance. And, of course, you’ll want to allocate some money for pool toys and comfy poolside furniture.

Pro: There are many options available to meet a wide range of budgets.
Con: A pool is an ongoing expense.

What Else Do I Need To Consider?

Make sure you choose a contractor knowledgeable about laws and regulations regarding pool ownership in your county. Talk to your insurance agent about your homeowner’s policy to see if you should consider additional insurance coverage for damages and liability protection if you get a pool. And include safety features such as a pool cover, a pool fence, a shallow end (especially if you have children under age 5), and privacy features to discourage uninvited guests from using your pool without your permission.

Pro: A well-designed, well-constructed pool can provide years of pleasure.
Con: A poorly planned and built pool can create a plethora of problems.

Ready to get your feet wet? Go to the pool pros and let them custom-design a solution to meet your specific needs.

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