What is the cost of a gas fireplace?

Learn about purchase and installation costs for a gas fireplace.
A gas fireplace provides an easy and cost-efficient alternative to a standard fireplace. And since there's no wood involved, there are no ashes to clean up. The process for converting a wood-burning fireplace to gas is fairly simple.

Typical Gas Fireplace Costs

  • Vented gas logs (chimney required): The cost of vented gas logs varies depending on the size of your fireplace and the style of gas logs you choose. Vented gas logs start at about $115 per set, and designer vented gas logs can cost $400 or more.

  • Vent-free gas logs (no chimney needed): These logs are also called ventless or unvented gas logs, and the price of these gas logs also varies depending on size and style. You can find vent-free gas logs for about $200, or you can pay $700 or more for designer logs.

  • Top-vented gas fireplace: The standard cost for a top-vented gas fireplace is approximately $600-$3,500, depending on the size, style, and materials. Installers will add pipes to your existing wood-burning fireplace chimney to convert it into a gas fireplace.

  • Direct vent gas fireplace: The cost of a direct vent gas fireplace starts at about $850 and goes up to more than $4,000. Prices vary based on size, style, and materials. Direct vent gas fireplaces require installation of pipes through a hole in the wall behind or slightly above the fireplace. Read more about how direct vent gas fireplaces work.

  • Vent-free gas fireplace (no chimney required) with installation: The standard cost for a vent-free, or ventless, gas fireplace is approximately $800-$2,000 installed. This does not include the cost of any gas-line work needed.

  • Installation costs for a top-vented gas fireplace: Approximately $300 to $1,200.

  • Direct vent gas fireplace installations: These are more expensive and can cost up to $5,000. Cost and time to install vary based on the availability of gas and electricity in the home.

  • Do-it-yourself: Installing your own vent-free gas fireplace is not recommended, as incorrect installation can lead to life-threatening levels of carbon-monoxide gas in your home.

What to Expect from Gas Fireplace Installation

  • Materials: Some of the materials needed for installation of a gas fireplace include a drill, screwdrivers, screws, and finishing nails, along with the gas outlet kit and, if needed, a mantel. New pipes may also be needed if this is a brand new gas fireplace installation.

  • Timing: The gas fireplace installation process usually takes at least two days.

  • Mess: If a standard fireplace is being converted to a gas fireplace, it will need a thorough cleaning before work begins. There is limited additional mess associated with installing a gas fireplace.

Is a Gas Fireplace Right for You?

  • There are several potential restrictions for vent-free fireplaces that you should consider when selecting a gas fireplace style. Some vent-free fireplaces require that a window is open during use. Also, many states do not permit the use of vent-free (or ventless) fireplaces. Learn more about ventless fireplace laws.

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