Window styles 101

Add value, comfort, and style to your home with the various types of energy-efficient windows.

Thinking of replacing some of the windows around your house? It's a valuable home improvement to consider. Not only are new windows beautiful, they're energy efficient.

There are a few types of windows available for installation. Let's start with some basic styles of functioning windows that will provide ventilation and protection from the weather. 

Window styles

Single hung window

Single or double-hung windows slide open vertically. A single-hung window's top pane is fixed, while the bottom pane opens upward. On a double-hung window, both panes open and close. These are the most common home windows.

Sliding windows are attached at the top and bottom. They slide open and closed horizontally.

Rollout or casement windows are commonly found in bathrooms. They're hinged on their sides and swing open like a door. The usually have a crank handle that opens and closes them.

Awning or hopper windows are commonly found in basements. They swing open and closed vertically. Awning windows are hinged at the top, while hopper windows are hinged at the bottom.

Louvered windows have several vertical or horizontal panes that tilt or pivot open. They are mostly used in milder climates due to the air that can get through the slits.

Bay or bow windows protrude out from the wall of your home, giving the feeling of a more spacious room. They can be of double-hung or casement combinations.

Circle or triangle top windows can be coupled with single or double-hung windows to shine more light into tall areas.

Garden windows are smaller versions of the bay window. They provide a sunlight platform for your favorite house plants.

Architecturally-shaped windows are custom designed to fit into and accentuate even oddly shaped areas of your home.

Whether you're ready to update the energy efficiency and style of your home with new windows now or you need some time to think about it, you can always find professional, experienced window contractors on

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