Why use an employment agency

Let those with connections help you find a job.
When you're looking for a job and you've exhausted the typical job-finding avenues, an employment agency could be your logical next step.

Generally speaking, the services employment agencies provide are:
  • Finding jobs for unemployed people

  • Recruiting qualified candidates for companies looking for specific worker qualifications

  • Working with employers to find staff for full- and part-time work
When you're researching employment agencies, you'll want to think about the type of job you're interested in pursuing. Different types of agencies offer staffing options for specific career fields, such as accounting and nursing. Employment agencies will need to know your desired salary range, availability, experience and education.

Some agencies may lead you to job openings and leave a majority of the initiative and followup to you, while others will assist you more thoroughly in your search. However, be aware of what an agency expects of you — some agencies require that you give them a portion of your first year's salary for a job they helped you find.

Some employment agencies, such as those that provide temporary staff to companies, will require you to take proficiency exams in the employment area for which you're applying.

In those cases, the agency will be your employer and will supply your paycheck and send you out on jobs as they become available. Generally, you'll need to call and check in with them on a weekly basis once you've registered and passed their exams.

Research employment agencies on Kudzu.com before you decide which one to use. Determine whether an agency has a good track record of finding work among the companies in your industry. Often, agencies also will offer career development training, so inquire about assistance with résumé and cover letter writing and interviewing skills.

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