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Kohler offers several different Artist Editions designs to inspire creativity in the bathroom or kitchen. Fixtures, faucet trim and accessories with decorated and textured surfaces make a statement in the bath, powder room and kitchen.

Artist Editions

  • Cursive™
  • Evenweave™
  • Alencon Lace™
  • Fruits of Labor™
  • Gathering™
  • Journey™
  • Life in the Country™
  • Saree™ Kitchen
  • Interlace™
  • Savanyo™
  • Tidings™
  • Tidings™ with Game Birds

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Each of our five distinct technologies offers unique experiences with real benefits. Here we present the features of...
$1234.10 - $9950.00
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Kohl Bathroom Accessories fills all your bathroom needs and solutions.
$8.00 - $973.95 and up
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Kohler offers several different Artist Editions designs to inspire creativity in the bathroom or kitchen. Fixtures,...
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In the spirit of design artistry and innovation for which we're known, we offer unique, handcrafted faucets in a wide...
14.25 - $3204.50 and up
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The full line of KOHLER® bathroom furniture and mirrored cabinets is created to perfectly complement our fixtures...
$50.50 - $6055.50 and up
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Use it, or admire it? It's a common question in regard to KOHLER® bathroom sinks - and one we enjoy hearing....
$90.50 - $3930.85
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A bidet is a sit-down wash basin that's convenient and helps conserve water. Long considered to be a luxury item,...
$539.20 - $1953.30
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KOHLER custom-fit accessories complement the design and function of your KOHLER sink. Bottom basin racks, wire rinse...
$14.40 - $609.55
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In the best kitchens, style and function blend like the flavors and aromas of your favorite culinary creations. That's...
$98.35 - $1811.25
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Your kitchen is as much a personal expression of your taste as it is a place to prepare and enjoy meals. Our extensive...
$238.70 - $3941.30
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With our showers, it's not a shower, it's an experience.
$25.10 - $3204.50 and up
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When every element in a bathroom is aligned in perfect harmony, the results are spectacular.
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Add the finishing touch to your bath or powder room. Constructed for a perfect fit, KOHLER toilet seats complete your...
$17.75 - $1754.20 and up
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Our toilets deliver a complete, powerful flush every time. Using a specialized dynamic flow profile, our engineers...
$223.40 - $4638.55 and up