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Do You Need Stucco Repair? 3 Things to Look For

Stucco Repair

Serious stucco damage can often be mistaken for simple cosmetic problems. What you might see as a small issue to just gloss over or put some caulk over can also mean significant problems such as water damage or other damage that may require stucco repair. We at Arek and Chad Painting would like to share 3 things to look out for.

Stucco Staining or Tears

When you see a stucco home that has staining or discoloration in the stucco below the windows, be aware that the most typical reason this occurs is because of water seeping between the stucco and the structure of the home. This can lead to serious problems such as mold and water damage inside your home.

Cracks in Stucco

When you have cracks in your stucco or crumbling stucco, you might be tempted to just paint over it or put a sealant over it and call it good. However, these so-called solutions are not going to repair the problem as water erodes small flaws in the stucco and gets stuck between the house and the stucco.

Growth of Stucco Moss

As rainwater hits the ground around your house and splashes upward, you might see the growth of stucco moss around the perimeter of your home. While this is easily wiped off with bleach and warm water, this is really only a temporary fix. What you need to do is remove any vegetation or sod from around your house to inhibit the growth of moss, which can lead to mold.

Posted on: 11/24/2014