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What Type of Stucco Repair Do You Need?

stucco repair

Comprising the exterior finish of approximately 20% of U.S. homes, stucco is a popular siding choice. The wide array of textures and colors make it attractive and versatile, but normal changes in temperature can cause the plaster to expand and contract. This can result in cracks and leave your home vulnerable to water damage.

Because of this possibility, we at Arek and Chad Painting recommend that you seek appropriate stucco repair before minor damage becomes serious. The type of fix you need depends on the extent of the damage, and we have described the appropriate kinds for different situations.

Cosmetic Fill

If the crack is thinner than the width of a dime, it can be filled with acrylic paint or primer. Spraying is the easiest option for a tiny blemish. However, if this does not make the crack disappear from view, it may need to be back rolled.

Elastomeric Patch

If paint does not successfully mend the flaw, you may need to use an elastomeric patch to complete the repair. Any patch will slightly alter the appearance of the stucco, so less is more. Only the amount needed to fix the crack should be used.

Concrete-based Patch

For a larger crack, or for exposed Styrofoam, a concrete-based patch will be necessary. Using this kind of product is tricky and requires great skill, but it is very effective when done correctly. In fact, it can blend almost seamlessly into your existing stucco, making the flaw almost impossible to spot. Damaged stucco can be restored to a pleasing finish, but the right product and touch are essential.

Posted on: 7/07/2015