Welcome to Blackhawk Defense, a vast step towards legally protecting yourself. At Blackhawk Defense, we provide you with proper training in pistol, rifle and shotgun courses. We also offer courses for obtaining your Utah Concealed Carry, Arizona Concealed Carry and/or Florida Concealed Carry licenses. At Blackhawk Defense, we offer certification courses for those looking to become instructors in multiple disciplines such as pistol, rifle, shotgun, Personal Protection In the Home and Personal.. Protection Outside the Home, Range Safety Office, Chief Range Safety Office and Refuse to Be A Victim. All instructors are certified and provide an extensive knowledge in their certified area of expertise. We offer one stop shopping in that after you take one of our courses, you will have everything you need in order to submit your application for your concealed carry license. We offer assistance throughout the whole process and are available to answer any and all of your ?questions?.


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