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Hi, I'm Joe e. Clayton Jr. No, I'm not a self proclaimed Marketing Guru. But I am a streetwise Internet marketer, former NASA/Kennedy Space Center engineer, and creator of over 250 software programs to date.

And I HATE HTML. I hate creating web pages. I have to snort everytime someone claims they have a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor for HTML. Yeh, right - not one of them actually looks exactly like the page looks when it is displayed in the web browsers. (Not even the.. HTML editor I wrote!) Have you ever seen one that did?

Did you ever have to flip back and forth between the 'editor' and the 'preview' a thousand times trying to get the page to look right? And I swear, the most complicated Word Processor on the planet is easier to use!

That is probably why I never created an eBook before - they ALL are written using HTML. It was just too much work - writing is hard enough. You know what I mean? And what you end up with, is just boring looking, unless you want to dig into 'Dynamic HTML' and Javascript and such, or shell out $600-$800 for software to create 'PDF' stuff, (which I personally find hard to read, has a window that is like looking at the controls for a jet! and is even more boring).

So, for a while, I was content to resell eBooks written by others - hopefully brandable. Like others, with limited success.

But then,
I decided I was an idiot. I WANTED to cash in on the INSANE PROFITS people make with "their own" eBooks! eBooks are a MULTI-BILLION dollar industry. I have 6 children to feed - why not me too?

FIRST, I needed a tool I could use without hours of extra, frustrating WORK.

And I wanted everything I created, to be something special, without doing anything extra.

We did NOT just design DeadEasy to include what other eBooks compilers and Audio and even Video don't offer, but purposely created it with SimpleUser™ so Green Newbies, the NON-rich, and NON-skilled, could use it. AND we included entire technologies to make them 'DazzleMe' eBooks that are unique and fun as well as POWERFUL.

Imagine opening an eBook on your PC and with ONE click of the Start button the music intro starts, the talking audio begins, the text is displayed simultaneously, the pages turn automatically...


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