At Clean and Simple, we understand that an important part of having a clean and healthy environment is maintaining your carpet and floors.
Our cleaning method is recommended by leading floor and carpet manufacturers, not only improves your home's and/or business, appearance, it's also proven to remove dust mites, pollen, allergens, & bacteria which help to improve indoor air quality.
So, when you need your carpet &/or upholstery cleaned think of Clean and Simple; a company you can.. count on with service you can trust! We're devoted to make every aspect of our service relationship one that you'll find satisfying and rewarding. We believe you're going to find that there's value in the quality of work we perform. You can expect your carpets and upholstery to be meticulously cleaned, and handled with care. Our systems safely remove unsightly soils, and unhealthy allergens such as lint, dead skin cells, dust mites, hair, dander, cooking oils and other pollutants. Our professional cleaning goes beyond having and using great equipment. Without proper training, your carpet and fabric can be destroyed by inviting an uneducated cleaner to do the job. Costly damage can be done by substituting cheap chemicals. The evidence might not be seen for days or months depending on the severity of the damage, and can actually take years off the life of your carpets and upholstery.


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