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  • Cloud Carpet One - Las Vegas, NV - by Sarajohnson at Citysearch

    by Sarajohnson at Citysearch

    Scam Artists gave me ruined floors
    by Sarajohnson at Citysearch (Posted to Citysearch)

    I came in the store looked at 2 tiles and was aggressively pushed to make a choice by the female sales woman named Angela, then she gave me a quote and a week later my husband came in and spoke with another sales person and was offered the same tile for $3,000 less!! Also, that sales person offered 200 square feet more of the tile and for the $3,000 lower price! Then, we purchased the deal through the 2nd sales person and were told the tile was bowed and it was $800 to switch tile brands or wait 3 months for the tile we wanted, meanwhile they already opened a credit line for us so then we selected another tile from the same company and it was damaged and then again another tile and it was damaged and in the end they convinced us that the 3rd set of tile was ""industry standard"" and to be installed you would not notice the damage, they installed it and you can see the damage and we never signed off on the job hoping they would redo/fix it and then they charged us the $10,000 to the credit card without our signature! No one calls us back and they don't care because the bank pays them and holds the liability so now we have to take them to the contractors board, file with the better business bureau and sue them for the tile we wanted i n the first place! Later we found out that the owner had so many issues he changed the company name and moved locations,,,,,,,,We also found out that a family runs it and so the female sales rep does/says whatever she feels w/no recourse because she is related to the owner. She was rude the 1st time I came in and so I left refusing to deal with her but because they had financing and we needed it we came back, so now we have to pay for damaged tile and the owner could care less. Apparently it is private record when a company has complaints with the contractors board and that is the problem because all contracts tell clients if they have a problem to file with them; when in reality you need to go to the Better Business Bureau because that

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  • Cloud Carpet One - Las Vegas, NV - by chaseycat at Citysearch

    by chaseycat at Citysearch

    Cloud Carpt One AKA CarpetOne: A Narrow Escape!
    by chaseycat at Citysearch (Posted to Citysearch)

    I was looking to carpet my entire two-story home and therefore began the tedious process of price comparison and reading online reviews. I came upon a company by the name of Carpet One. The website looked okay, so I gave them a call. \r\rThe answering party answered the phone ?hello?, which I thought was kind of odd? ?Is this Carpet One?, I asked. ?Yes?, she replied. I remained silent for a brief moment while I wondered why a company phone was being answered in such an off-handed manner, but that was just my HR background kicking in?I almost asked the receiver WHY she failed to answer by the company name, but for whatever reason I simply moved on to the topic at hand. \r\rI explained that I desired to carpet my home and was then passed on to a nice man who answered my questions, but at the same time seemed somewhat vague. \r\rAccording to this man, their company did things a little different in that they bid the entire job instead of defining each cost breakdown and therefore he could not really give me as many specifics as his competitors. I was okay with that and agreed to have someone phone me back to set up a time for an in-house estimate.\r\rWhile I was waiting for CarpetOne to return my call, I continued with my online search and reviews. An hour or so later, I had now spoken with and made commitments to visit Home Depot, Carpet Galore and 1st Choice?but I was beginning to wonder why I had not heard back from CarpetOne. \r\rNot long after, I ran into a number of online complaints for a company by the name of Cloud Carpet One? I could not help but wonder if this was in fact the same company I was waiting to hear back from?CarpetOne? \r\rI then checked both phone numbers, but they were not the same. I however continued to read and read and read?one bad review after another. Gee, Cloud Carpet One had more complaints that anyone!\r\rI then decided to Google ?Is Cloud Carpet One and CarpetOne the same company?? I didn?t really get the answer I was looking for, but

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  • Cloud Carpet One - Las Vegas, NV - by dennislv at Citysearch

    by dennislv at Citysearch

    STAY AWAY!!!!!!!
    by dennislv at Citysearch (Posted to Citysearch)

    We had floor damage and were recommended cloud by our insurance company. After 5 visits, they're still not finished. They have this meth addict doing the installation who keeps going into out bathroom, or out to his truck. I know he's a tweeker since he has no energy then disappears and comes back bouncing off the walls. Also, every single visit they are late. This job should have been finished months ago!!!\r\rStay away, you've been warned!!!

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  • Cloud Carpet One - Las Vegas, NV - by persephonet at Citysearch

    by persephonet at Citysearch

    do not go
    by persephonet at Citysearch (Posted to Citysearch)

    To begin with Cloud Carpet hasn't updated their website and they are no longer on Industrial. They also had terrible custormer service. We were wandering around the floor looking at samples for a long time before a salesperson yelled from the corner asking if we needed help. Then the salesman was short with us, made insulting comments about how we came up with our estimate of how much carpet we might need and constantly interrupted us when we were asking questions or talking. I do not recommend this place because of the customer service AND because they were very overpriced.

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